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Persian and Turkish musical instruments Sale

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  • Posted on by Omar

    I’m reallly Happy with quality and services of sala Muzik. High quality materials and fast answers to any question .

  • Posted on by Waddah mustapha

    Is the Baglama different in size than bouzouki. I see one for $399 electric. is that full size? Can you install bone / metal keys. Dose it come in short and long neck. Does it come in hard case. I’m in canada 🇨🇦 I appreciate your response.

  • Posted on by Abbas ZANDI

    One of the best website to get instrument . You guys besttttttttttttt

  • Posted on by Tampakis Dionysios NAFPLIO

    İyi akşamlar.
    Bu aleti almak istiyorum.

    Turkish Cumbus Yaylı Tanbur By Zeynel Abidin CYT-211

    Yunanistan’a gönderir misin?

    Teşekkür ederim.

  • Posted on by Apostolos

    Perfect percussion!!!!

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