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5 Reason To Start Learning Oud


5 Reason To Start Learning Oud


Oud, which is among our traditional and different musical instruments, has a wide chest and a short handle. Like many trough musical instruments, the chest consists of leaves. these leaves can be 19 or 24 pieces. Composed of 11 or 12 wires, the oud produces 3 octave sounds. Bam wire is usually the top wire.

Ouds that are used in Turkish music generally have bam wire. Many people do research to learn oud. Oud, which has a quite different and effective place in stringed instruments, is a musical instrument preferred and interested by people who are involved in music. Learning also requires patience. But it's easier than you think.




It is seen that this instrument, which is of Arab origin, has similar characteristics with our stringed instrument known as kopuz when it comes to the roots of our country. Al Oud, known as Sarısabır or Aloe, was mostly used in Arabic culture. Journey to the West started with the Crusades.

Oud is named Luth in France, Lute in England, Laue in Germany, Liuto in Italy and Aloud in Spain. Its original origin goes back to the 7th century. The oud, which is in the hands of the Turkish who goes to Baghdad for business, attracts the attention of Arabs and locals. This came from Turkish Khorasan and has a oud. From a separate perspective, the oud is referred to as Hungarian, Kobza. This also coincides with Kopuz, one of the old Turkish musical instruments. For these reasons, it is stronger that the oud is of Turkish origin.


What is Oud?

In general, we can say a fretless instrument with a fret, short handle and a wide body. This special musical instrument played with plectrum is an indispensable instrument of music with its saturated voice. It has a distinctive voice and tone that rests the soul. This special musical instrument, whose history is mentioned above, is an instrument that people enjoy listening actively.


What is Oud


Over time, it was preferred especially in music in Turkey, and the interest of people towards the oud sound has increased. For this reason, the number of people who want to learn oud is considerably high. For this, many trainings and videos have been published.

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5 Reason To Start Learning Oud

First of all, playing a oud or musical instrument will cause a person to relax psychologically and develop self-confidence.

  1. Although the ud is difficult at the beginning, it has a learning process that gets easier in the later stages. 
  2. It has a special and calm voice that you can play anytime and anywhere with its unique sound.
  3. It is a special tool that offers hitting, grip and ease of grip.
  4. When you continue to work patiently, you will learn to play one of the favorite instruments of Turkish music.
  5. It is possible to use this tool anywhere with its unique sound.


5 Reason To Start Learning Oud


Thanks to these special advantages, you can give yourself recitals or play requests in friend environments.


Differences Between Types of Oud

The ouds show two basic variations that are similar in type. It can be distinguished as Arabic and Turkish flavors. These models, which are physically different, are also different in terms of sound and timbre. Arabic oud, which is among the special oud varieties, is the version adapted from Turkish oud. We can clearly see this in the history of oud. This difference caused by the number of wires causes the sounds to emerge in a different structure.

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In general, the ouds used are the same as the physical body and the handle. However, it varies when it comes to the number of wires. Turkish oud has the number of 11-12 wires. One of these wires is generally observed as bam wire. In Arabic oud, the number of wires is less. For this reason, the variety of names is not as rich in Turkish oud.


Differences Between Types of Oud


The best advice to those who want to learn oud; It is patience. Although it may seem a bit challenging at first, the sound and harmony will provide great results in the later stages. Practicing applies equally to all ouds, as with all musical instruments. At certain times, daily exercises also mean to take advantage of both pleasant and relaxing effects of playing oud. In this way, very effective and precise results can be obtained in relieving the stress that occurs during the day. In this way, by making nice music in friendly environments, the ability to have a pleasant time will be reached.

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