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All About Armenian Duduk And The Best Songs


Duduk has a very ancient history in Armenia. It is a double-reed wind instrument. Since it has an old story, it has been used in television programs, the cinema industry, concerts, and many similar branches of art. The origin of the duduk is based on the Armenian therefore, it is known as the Armenian duduk

It is made from apricot wood. Duduk is also made in many other countries, but the sound of Armenian duduk is different from all of them. The Armenian duduk has a unique style and design. Armenian duduk songs have a very different intonation.

The main reason why Armenian duduk songs are so popular is that they have a lot of depth of emotion. A listener can get emotional. It is possible to talk about the existence of this instrument today.

What Is Armenian Duduk?


It is a wind instrument used in Armenian folk music. It is a 9-hole instrument with eight holes on the body and one hole on the back. There are many variations in length. The most widely used duduk has 36 cm. The reason for this is that it has a melody and a universal scale. With the help of this instrument, it is easy to convey emotions to the other party. You can hear the magical tune. It has the best sound for the demonstration of folk tunes.

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History Of Armenian Duduk?


The Armenian duduk is an instrument that has remained unchanged since its existence. When we looked at old photographs, it is possible to see that this instrument is used in the middle ages. In the early days of its existence, the tool was made of bone. 

Duduk is used quite often by Eastern Armenians, Georgians, Azeris, and Northwestern Iran. With the popularity of duduk in the 1980s, the instrument began to increase due to the depth of emotion produced. People wanted to know what this beautiful instrument is. This instrument, which became famous by the Armenians, also has an influential position in folk orchestras. Today, it still resonates in Armenia and the Caucasus region.

About Armenian Duduk Songs


With the help of a magical Armenian flute, a musician can touch the heart of a listener. Jivan Gasparyan, Hovhannes Kasyan, Ludwig Garibyan, Vache Hovsepyan, Sergey Karapetyan, Gevorg Dabagyan are the most well-known artists of Armenian duduk songs. Emotional themes are present in each of the lyrics. In lyrics, the duduk's voice is like the morning bird's ironing, the murmur of the mountain winds, the quiet rustle of the greenery. The sound of this flute resembles a soft melody of the forest and makes the songs more appealing. The songs reflect the complete nature. The sound of the instrument comes out warm and soft. The songs have lyricism, sensuality, expressionism. These songs give a person peace and calm. This type of music also affects loading positive energy after a hard day's work

Best Armenian Duduk Songs


It is not easy to choose the best of Armenian duduk songs, but some criteria can be decisive at several points. For example, the artist's interpretation, his/her ownership of the instrument, and his/her ability to give the feeling of the song can be distinctive features. Considering all this, choosing the best Armenian duduk songs can vary from person to person because not every tune has the same effect on every person. For some, a rhythm is essential, while for others, words are remarkable. As a result, the Armenian duduk and the songs produced in this way always have an extraordinary place.

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