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All About Folk Music


Folk music and ethnic music are interdependent concepts. For example, when the local music of other nations is listened to in a region, we can say that it is ethnic for this music because of the local characteristics. However, for the people of that region, their own music is not ethnic but folk music. With this judgment, the music of other peoples can be defined as ethnic, and the music of our own people can be perceived within folk music. Therefore, the type of music that the people make their own and unique is folk music.

What Is Folk Music?


Folk music, by its nature, is a type of music that transmits the music of its location to the people of its location. This rural music genre expresses the life experiences and taste of societies, and represents its creative power in its general common understanding. Therefore, the concept of "traditional music" has become synonymous with "folk music" all over the world.

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3 Folk Music Artists in World

Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan is one of the most influential folk musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. 75-year-old Dylan, whose real name is "Robert Allen Zimmerman", has many unforgettable songs such as "Mr. Tambourine Man", "All Along the Watchtower", "Like a Rolling Stone". He also surprisingly won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Joan Baez


One of the impressive names of the 1968-generation, Joan Baez followed a path intertwined with "Bob Dylan" and became the indispensable voice of songs written for freedom and human rights. Reflecting her rich folk music heritage in her songs, she was one of the first names to lead a musician profile acting with social awareness.

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen is a Canadian writer, poet, songwriter, and musician who influenced generations with his music and thoughts. Cohen's early songs are musically based on European folk music. His works have been interpreted and recorded more than 1000 times by other artists.

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Folk Music Instruments

Since some instruments are generally seen in folk music, they are called folk musical instruments. If we talk about some of them;



Baglama is a stringed instrument type commonly used in folk music. It is known by different names according to the regions and sizes. The most widely used place is Anatolia. It is played with plectrum or fingers according to the technique used.



It is an instrument that is a member of the percussion group. It is an instrument used not only in Turkish music, but also in Arab classical and folk music, and especially in North Africa.



The homeland of udu is Nigeria. It draws attention with its playing technique and different vocal characteristics. The udu, played entirely with fingers, is an instrument based on improvisation. Today, it is widely used in Africa and India.

Talking Drum


Talking drum is an ancient instrument that has its roots in West Africa and was used as a communication tool between tribes. It is called by this name because it makes sounds similar to the human voice.

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