Clarinet is one of the most popular members of the Blowel family. It is a musical instrument that is enjoyable to listen and can be played in any environment.


What is G Clarinet?

G clarinet is a clarinet with notes placed according to the Albert curtain system and designed accordingly. Due to the most widely used clarinet clarinet in Turkey that Turkey started to be known by the title Clarinet, putting up sound it has managed to take its place among the main instruments of Turkish music because it can reflect better. G clarinet, which is used mostly in tune and ornamented music, is also frequently preferred in eastern and Arabic music, which also includes this structure.

In addition, this musical instrument, which first settled in Turkish culture through Klarnet-i İbrahim Efendi, It has become an indispensable instrument of many music such as pop, rock, TSM, THM. G clarinet performer of the best-known representatives and the names called in Turkey clarinet virtuoso Husnu Şenlendirici, Serkan Cagri and Tom Akşit.

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How to Tune Clarinet

The clarinet instrument is made during tuning, and it will have to go through a rather laborious process to do after manufacturing. Tuning in clarinet is done by clarinet masters. If the clarinet is performed by the owner, there may be major problems in the clarinet. It should definitely be done by the masters, because during tuning, the clarinet will go through the first manufacturing.

The problem of tuning in the clarinet is made from the hole section where the sound comes out. The tuning is performed by making the holes larger or smaller depending on the situation. It is quite risky and unnecessary to do it only by someone playing the clarinet.

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The most commonly used clarinet instrument types today; It is known as mi flat clarinet, mi flat alto clarinet, ebony clarinet, si flat clarinet, la clarinet, si flat bas clarinet and G clarinet.

Mi flat clarinet; It is the smallest clarinet type and has a much more high pitched tone than other clarinet types. This clarinet type, which is often seen in military bands, is 43 centimeters in length.

Si flat clarinet; Is the second most common type of clarinet  used in Turkey. Si flat clarinet is known for having a sound width of 4 octaves. This clarinet instrument, which can be used easily in all kinds of music, has a length of approximately 60 centimeters.

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La clarinet; It has a slightly longer size than the flat clarinet. It is often used in immigrant music genres and symphony orchestras.

G clarinet; Clarinet instrument is the most widely used varieties in Turkey. G clarinet is preferred frequently because it makes the sounds known as coma easier. Also known as the Turkish clarinet, this instrument is often used in eastern and Arabic music.

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