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All About Tongue Drum


The existence of music goes back thousands of years. In ancient times, people had fun with timbre, rhythm, and melody. For fun, they used the possibilities of the time to invent instruments. Technology was not as advanced as it is today. They made musical instruments from trees, logs, and animal skins. Technology is developing day by day, and our possibilities are increasing. When this is the case, it becomes easier to produce many musical instruments but the most important thing is the ancient instruments that inspired us in the production of these instruments. We can produce a new instrument by adding a few features on top of the existing one.

Another example of a recent instrument is the tongue drum. Tongue drums are in the category of percussion instruments. Tongue drums are made from propane cylinders. Tongue drums have a very soothing sound and are easy to play. They are small in size and thus can be easily transported from one place to another. It has an interesting appearance. It is also possible to see wooden versions of tongue drums. Made of wood, these tongue drums look like long and rectangular boxes. Language drums can be played by anyone. Tongue drums are used for many different purposes, such as resting the soul, meditating, or having fun with little rhythms.

What Is A Tongue Drum?


The tongue drum is one of the inventions of recent times. Tongue drums are also called steel drums, tank drums, or hank drums. Tongue drums are made of steel or metal alloys. Tongue drums produce sound by vibration, so they belong to the idiophone family. When tongue drums were invented, they were inspired by other percussion instruments such as the hanging drum, slit drum, whale drum, and Tamburo. Tongue drums are widely used in meditation, yoga, and sound therapy. It is an important instrument that needs to be discovered. Language drums also fascinate people like images.

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Structure Of Tongue Drum


Tongue drums are similar in appearance to slit drums. In general, tongue drums are hollow. These tongue drums are made of wood or steel material. Wooden tongue drums are different from metal ones. They look like rectangles. These drums have u-shaped tongues on them, and these tongues are attached to the drum from one side only. It is possible to see the tongue image easily on the upper surface of the tongue drum.

How To Play Tongue Drum


Tongue drums are played by hand or with a mallet. There are differences between playing with the hand and the mallet. The mallets bounce back more easily than the drums, making the sound clearer, deeper, and more resonant. It sounds louder than a tongue drum played with mallets. Optionally, you can also play the tongue drum manually. Fingers, palms, and the heels of the hands are used to produce musical sounds in the tongue drum played by hand. The tongue drum played with the hands makes the person feel happier and more enjoyable. It is harder to play the tongue drum by hand. It is necessary to know the technique and to play by hand. While your tongue drum is playing, you can hold the drum in your lap. Optionally, a stand can also be used.

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