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Best Instrumental Music Samples


 Best Instrumental Music Samples

Samples have been a huge part of the music industry especially as of late. More and more people are sampling music in their songs, sometimes taking the sample and turning it into something completely different, making it a whole new sound while other times sampling does not necessarily work in the sense of creating a new sound and becomes what many people call stealing -if the original track used is not credited- or copying.

Sampling has been a heated debate in music for years as some seem to think it is not a valid way of making music while others believe it brings variety to the table and artists should be able to sample things whether they do a good job of it or not. As this debate has no conclusion, for now, let us talk about instrumental music and the best instrumental music samples.

What Is Instrumental Music?

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Instrumental music is the type of music made without any vocals. Small snippets of vocals can be used in it as a way to complete the instruments, however, they cannot be the main focus of the music. It is the music primarily and exclusively made using musical instruments. It has no audible lyrics. Instrumental music can be composed of different musical instruments such as guitar and drums etc. or it can be generated with different music processing software. To sum it up, instrumental music is music intended to be performed by a musical instrument or a group of instruments.

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The origin of instrumental music is unknown as it has been a part of music since the ancient years. It has been around for ages and as long as people still listen to it, it will not disappear. Classical instrumental music is widely popular among older people whereas younger people prefer listening to much modern instrumental music such as lo-fi music, or instrumental rock/hip-hop music. An example for that would be “Enjoy Right Now, Today” by Tyler, The Creator from his Grammy-nominated album titled “Flower Boy”.

Types Of Instrumental Music

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Instrumental music, as it is music without vocals, has as many genres as the music itself. For that reason, we are going to be listing 5 most popular types of instrumental music.

  • Instrumental Rock
  • Instrumental Hip-Hop
  • Instrumental Jazz
  • Classical Music
  • Marching Band

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Best Instrumental Music Samples

As we have stated before, samples are a huge part of the music and have been since the early years of sampling. Most popular singers alive today have all sampled a song from the past decades and maybe you have been listening to these songs without realizing that they were sampled. Did you know that Beyonce has sampled “Are You My Woman” by Chi-Lites on one of her most popular songs “Crazy In Love”? If you have not, then let us review some of the best instrumental music samples from the last decade.

  • The Edge (1967) by David McCallum was sampled in
  • The Next Episode by Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dog, Nate Dogg and Kurupt (1999)
  • I.A. by Missin’ Linx (1998)
  • No Regrets by Masta Ace (2001)


  • Nothings Gonna Change (2011) by Silky Johnson was sampled in
  • Kiss Land by The Weeknd (2013)
  • Nothin Gonna Change by Main Attrakionz (2011)
  • Canon in D Major (1680) by Johann Pachelbel was sampled in
  • Memories by Maroon 5 (2019)
  • C U When U Get There by Coolio feat. 40 Thevz (1997)
  • Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C (2000)

 wonderful instrumental music


  • Rumble by Link Wray & His Ray Men was sampled in
  • Spread Eagle Cross the Block by Death Grips (2011)
  • Small by Portishead (2008)
  • Killer in the Home by Adam and the Ants (1980)


  • Soul Bossa Nova (1962) by Quincy Jones was sampled in
  • Number One Spot by Ludacris (2004)
  • My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style by Dream Warriors (1991)
  • Les Cornichons by Nino Ferrer (1965)

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