Characteristics Of Traditional Instruments

There are many traditional musical instruments in the world. The interest in traditional instruments is high. Geographies, societies, and countries have their unique music. While talking about that music, we should not forget the musical instruments they used to produce this music. Some of these musical instruments remained within the borders of the geography they emerged, while others opened to the whole world and sometimes developed and took on a new style. These musical instruments have been classified into different ways. For example, they are classified into sub-branches such as string instruments, percussion instruments, woodwind instruments, and woodwind instruments.


Each musical instrument is like an almost universal component of human culture. Even the materials used in the making of musical instruments can give us information about past times. Each musical instrument has its unique design and sound. Each musical instrument has a different effect on people. For example, the feeling between a guitar recital and an instrumental recital is very different. While one can rest the soul, the other can energize the person.


About Traditional Musical Instruments

traditional instruments

Since the technology was not as advanced as today, people used to clap their hands to make different sounds. After a particular time, they began to use existing objects to make different sounds. Later on, several musical instruments emerged. These musical instruments are mostly used for entertainment purposes. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, using many various materials. For example, in the ancient past musical instruments were made from shells and plant parts. At that time, a flute was made of wood, but today it is made of plastic.

As instruments evolve, we can see that material selection and quality also change. Almost every material in nature was used by at least one society to make musical instruments. Every nation has a traditional musical instrument such as kanun, ney, flute, saz, darbuka, tambour, and kemancha.


What Are The Characteristics Of Traditional Instruments?

traditional instruments

In music, we divide instruments into different categories according to the way they play and the features they have. For Instance, there are four categories: percussion instruments, wind instruments, key instruments, and string instruments.


Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments exist in every culture. Different beats create different rhythms and sounds. The most familiar percussion instruments are the drum, tambura, and def.


Wind Instruments

Wind instruments are the names given to instruments in which sound is produced by the vibration of the air inside. The most well-known wind instruments are Ney, clarinet, saxophone, tulum, and zurna.


Key Instruments

Keyed instruments are instruments that are used to make music using the keys on the instrument.


Stringed Instruments

All instruments in which the sound is obtained by vibrating a stretched string are called stringed instruments. Stringed instruments produce sound through vibrating strings. Oud, sitar qanun, tambour, and kemancha can be given as examples.


5 Main Traditional Instruments

The first thing that comes to mind when they are called traditional musical instruments is the following.


One of the stringed instruments, the kamancha is a traditional musical instrument. It is mostly used in the Black Sea region in Turkey. There are also many different types of kemancha.



It is one of the stringed instruments. It is one of the most famous among traditional musical instruments.


3. Drum

Drum, one of the percussion musical instruments is the most common traditional musical instrument in wedding organizations. It is played with hands and sticks.


4. Zurna

It is among the wind instruments. It has seven total holes. The zurna instrument played by blowing is generally used in the South East region.



It is one of the stringed and plectrum instruments of Classical Turkish Music. It is an important instrument because it has many frets.

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