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Difference Between Long Neck And Short Neck Baglama Saz

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Difference Between Long Neck And Short Neck Baglama Saz

Baglama saz, which is the oldest and most popular instrument of Anatolian culture, basically has two different types as short and long neck. Another name for tying short neck baglama is Çöğür. Long neck baglama is called Bozuk.

Baglama is a fretted instrument with a pear-shaped body. In general, it has seven strings that are arranged into three courses that are played together. All baglamas use movable frets that are tied with string around the neck, so that the performer can choose which intervals to use. Baglamas are played with a 2.5 cm long flexible pick or with fingerprints or fingernails.

When someone wants to start to play baglama sazthe first question they ask is whether they should start with a long-neck baglama or a short-neck one. Well, this question can only be answered by the performer according to his or her expectations and needs from the instrument. Therefore, you can have a look at the fundamental differences between those two baglama types before deciding your instrument.

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    Long Neck and Short Neck Baglama

    Long-neck bağlama is the traditional type of bağlama. In 1970s baglama’s neck has been shortened by eliminating the pitches B and C and short-neck baglama has been developed in order to make the performance easier. The number of the frets are different between baglama types; long-neck baglama has 23 frets whereas short-neck baglama has 19 frets.

    The differences between long neck and short neck baglama saz;

    • Long neck baglama is four fretss longer than short neck baglama.
    • Because the wire of the long neck baglama saz is longer, the timbre of its voice is longer.
    • Short neck baglama is more practical. It is more practical to play short neck baglama.
    • The sound range and transposition are wider in long neck baglama.
    • It has a history of thousands of years, as the history of long neck baglama saz dates back to the kopuz instrument.
    • Short neck baglama is more preferred by artists using the same octave.
    • Both bağlama saz types have theri own unique playing techniques.
    • Semai, Ayin, etc. are played with a short neck baglama.

     Long Neck Baglama Long neck baglama

    The most important feature of short neck baglama is that it is designed to be played only in a baglama saz arrangement. It helps to increase your interest in the instrument due to the melodies being played easily. The playing of local melodies is more limited in arabesque music than long neck baglama.

    The sound resonates longer because the strings of the long neck baglama are longer. Students who want to play local melodies and want to reflect their melodies to tying should turn to the tying, which is called the long neck baglama. Students who want to play Alevi, Bektashi music and original music should prefer to connect Cöğür which is called short neck baglama saz.

    With both baglama variants, all tracks can be played melodically, but the selection of the baglama saz must be considered to reflect the region exactly.

    Accordingly, the places of the frets on each of these baglamas are different, this fact changes the playing position of the baglama. When you play a tune on a short-neck baglama, you do not have to make big leaps with your hands while performing, so it is said that it is more comfortable to play a short-neck baglama. However, different cultures and tunes in different regions may require the performance of a long-necked baglama. The short-necked baglama gives the better performance in independent music genres and in deyish and semah which are respectively poetic forms and religious dance of Alevi people. On the other hand, the long-necked baglama is better used for regional plectrum and singing patterns and to play some folk song styles. The latter type is mostly used in Aegean and Middle Anatolia Regions.

    Short Neck Baglama Short Neck Baglama

    Tuning Systems in Short Neck and Long Neck Baglamas

    Since the fret numbers and the places are different, the tuning systems in long neck and short-neck baglama are different.

    • Long-neck baglama saz is tuned in 5ths, this type of tuning is called bozuk (disordered) or kara (black) tuning. The strings at the bottom are tuned to A, the middle course is tuned to D and the top strings are tuned to G.

    • Short neck baglama saz is tuned differently; it is tuned in baglama tuning. In a short-neck baglama, the bottom course is tuned to D, the middle course is tuned to G and the top strings are tuned to A.

    Strings and Body

    Depending on the length of the necks, the sizes of the bodies of baglamas vary. Also, the thickness of the strings change.

    • Short-neck baglama saz body length may vary from 38 to 42 cm and have strings of 0.18mm
    • Long-necked baglama saz body length may vary from 41 to 45 cm and have strings of 0.2mm

     Professional Long Neck Baglama Professional Long Neck Baglama

    The above information is provided in line with the common practices in instrument making and performance. We believe they can be of help when you choose your baglama.


    Long Neck Baglama Long Neck Baglama

    Tips For Purchasing A Good Baglama Saz

    Price List For Long Neck and Short Neck Baglamas

    You can find the prices of some of our Long Neck and Short Neck Baglama Saz below.

    For further information please see our Baglama Saz Collection.


    Concert Quality Long Neck Baglama Saz SSL-506EQ  $  1.399,00
    Special Long Neck Baglama Saz SSL-403  $     899,00
    Professional Long Neck Juniper Baglama Saz OSL-205  $     499,00
    Long Neck Olive Baglama Saz ASL-390  $     299,00
    Long Neck Cherry Baglama Saz CSL-109  $     139,00
    Concert Quality Short Neck Baglama Saz OSS-503EQ  $  1.299,00
    Concert Quality Short Neck Mulberry Baglama Saz OSS-307  $     799,00
    Professional Short Neck Saz OSS-205B  $     499,00
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    Short Neck Mahogany Maple Baglama Saz CSS-123

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