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How To Learn Oud Effectively?


The oud is one of the most preferred string instruments in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa countries’ music.

What are the oud learning method?


For many years oud techniques were assed down with the ‘from master to apprentice’ method, and it was hard to find any methodically written guide. This situation made learning lute almost impossible if there was no one around to play the oud. Even today, people learn the oud according to oral tradition, like one of their families. After music schools were established in Middle East countries, especially in Turkey, there was a necessity to make a systemic oud learning pattern. For this need, musicians and oud masters established the Ood to play methods. Nowadays, there are different methods to learn playing the oud. It’s always great to learn an instrument from a master. But if this not possible, you can use many tutorial books and videos to help you learn by yourself. The important is to find out which way is the best for you and what are means to learn in your reach to success. You can find books for learning oud on Sala Music’s website. If you are not a beginner and want to learn more about rhythmic patterns or maqams, some books cover these areas on Sala Music.

How Long Does It Take To Learn the Oud?


Learning an instrument varies from person to person. If you are already playing an instrument and know musical terms such as notes and rhythm patterns, it will take a short time to learn how to play the oud If you’re already playing a string instrument, you can play the oud the first time you lay your hands on it, but of course, t will take time to learn proper holding position, rhythm patterns, and musical pieces for the oud. For these reasons, there is no way of stating an exact amount of time. Every person and every musician is different and requires focusing on other aspects. If you want to learn to play oud quickly, it is important to practice regularly. Like all instruments, you’ll need to get accustomed to oud’s shape, weight, and holding positions which takes a lot of practice.

Is Oud Hard to Learn?

oudlearnAs a fretless string instrument, people tend to think that playing oud is hard to learn. But a well-tuned quality oud could not be harder to learning than any other instrument. The critical point is to find the right oud for you. There are different shapes and sizes of ouds. For example, if your arms are not very long, then small women size oud (Zenne oud) would be easier to play for you. The quality of the instrument is another important factor because if the oud had made of dowels or low-quality wood, you have to adjust the oud over again. You can find the quality oud options on Sala music that will meet your needs. You can see the features in detail, and even it is possible to listen to the instrument in short videos. That way is easier to pick the oud you want.

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