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How To Tune An Ogur Sazi



Ogur Sazi is a six-stringed kopuz instrument invented by Erkan Ogur. It has a different tuning system compared to other bağlama’s; the strings are placed one by one as in the guitar.
The instrument is played with arpeggio technique without plectrum. Erkan Oğur also made 9 single string form and 13 string form of the instrument. The instrument uses a tuning system that is not customary and is produced by the musician himself.

Ogur Sazi, which is the same anatomical structure as kopuz, has 25 screens and beech tree is used on its keyboard. Body dimensions can vary according to the desired chord. The wires may optionally be disposed of all nylon or metal or three nylon and three metal. The second wire from the bottom is accepted as the decision sound. The wires vary according to the desired chord. It was determined according to the notation system of classical guitar.

OgurSazi OgurSazibyErkanOgur

The instrument, which was designed by Erkan Oğur and given his own surname, was first produced in 1992 by the instrument producer Kemal Eroğlu. Ogur Sazi was inspired by many instruments. Ogur Sazi, which is suitable for playing without plectrum, is performed with arpeggio technique using four fingers. Thanks to this technique, it has a unique timbre, but it also allows for melody playing as well as arpeggio technique. Because it is suitable for arpeggio technique, not only it can be used as a solo instrument, but also as an accompaniment instrument. The body of the instrument is in the form of Bağlama, the handle is equal to the short neck Bağlama, and the strings are arranged in a single position like the placement system in the classical guitar. Due to the single placement of the wires, it has a thick handle and is also distinguished in this respect from other types of Bağlama’s. Thanks to these distinctions, it is possible to perform a rich harmonic music and it has gained a place in orchestras with its unique voice.

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OgurSazi6strings Ogursazi

In the first production of Ogur Sazi, it was produced with six strings. Afterwards, the number of wires were increased; eight, nine and thirteen stringed Ogur Sazi were also produced. As the number of wires increases, the handle is becoming a little thicker and this is the only difference from six-stringed Ogur Sazi. In the thirteen stringed Ogur Sazi, the wires were placed in pairs and the lowest wire was placed in triplicate. There is no other difference than wire and timbre.
Oğur instrument, which includes the performance and physical characteristics of many instruments, takes the pitch structure of the kopuz and changes only the number of wires, is an instrument that can perform all world music. It has been used by various artists in concerts, album recordings and film-series music.

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Who is Erkan Oğur?

Erkan Oğur is unquestionably one of the great masters of music in our days. Coming from Elazığ / East Turkey he has revolutionised the world of folk music, absorbing the rich traditions from Anatolia, including the folk, classical, makam and Sufi music worlds, and has equally mastered at the same time the jazz & modern musics from the west. Through the fretless guitar and the Oğur Saz, (two new instruments – his own inventions), the electrical guitar, the saz / kopuz, his distinctive voice, as well as his original compositions, adaptations of traditional themes and extensive collaborations he has created his own proper musical world, that has made him one of the most innovative musicians in Turkey and worldwide.

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