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How To Tune Qanun Easily


Qanun is an indispensable musical instrument of both Middle East countries and Turkey. There are several types of qanun. Having a large number of strings never affects the sound, the only difference is that it offers more options to the musician. Qanun, which is in the stringed instruments group, has a pleasant voice and timbre. His voice is soothing. To get a nice sound from the instrument, the tuning must be done meticulously. Tuning is the most significant point in string instruments. Tune qanun is also a detail that should not be ignored for the desired sound to come out of the instrument, and qanun is a very problematical instrument when it comes to tuning. If an instrument is out of tune, the desired sound can never be achieved.

About Qanun


Qanun is in the group of plectrum instruments. It consists of 25 frets in total. Each fret has three strings, but there are also 24 and 27 frets. In ancient times, qanun was played without a latch, towards the end of the 19th century, a latch was attached. The lattice system was invented by the Turks. Qanun is one of the essential instruments of Turkish Music. It has a very rich sound. The qanun is played with plectrums worn on the index fingers. Materials such as ivory, bone, and horn are used in making plectrums. The Qanun has a section covered with unique leather. The strings are stretched and connected to the pegs on the curved edge, and these pegs are simple in stringed instruments. The tuning process is also done from these regions.

In Qanun, the length of the strings is shaped as short and long. In this way, differences occur in the timbre of the voice. Thanks to the pegs in the qanun, both high and low sounds can be obtained from the equal string. It has a different system compared to other stringed instruments. Thanks to special latches, the same string can reach low and high tones in a very different way. To adjust the sounds, it is necessary to lower or raise the pegs, and at the same time, one-hand play continues. The volume can be adjusted easily with the other hand.


How To Tune Qanun


Every musical instrument needs maintenance and adjustment. Especially stringed instruments need tuning. You can never get the sound you want from an untuned instrument. Although tuning may seem complicated, it is easy. Tuning is the process of putting sounds in the correct position. Those who have been using the same instrument for a long time and are now specialized can do this on their own without the need for any device when tuning. You can use devices or mobile applications designed for this process while making Qanun tuning. In this way, you will get your work done faster. At the same time, you will be more confident in the transaction. You need to log in to the application you downloaded and then select your instrument in the application. You can tune one by one according to the sounds coming out of the strings.

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