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Learn A New Instrument

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Using the current leisure-time at home, to learn a new & great instrument

Times are difficult right now for all of us. A historical pandemic is bothering our planet and it forces most of us to turn down our public life and to stay home.

Just now, many people are asking themselves, how to argue with so much leisure and being bored the whole day? Maybe I could clean my entire home? Did I already tiny up my bathroom? Are the flowers watered? Well, all these activities are usually done very fast and it is not so much fun for most people.

Many people right now are longing for a meaningful purpose which can be done directly from home, and which can bring them enjoyment not only short-term but mainly long-term. Because nobody knows how long we are still going to be shut down the next weeks or months.




Let´s give you a good advice for this time! Nothing is more valuable than starting the things right now, which you otherwise have no time for in your daily life. And what would be even cooler than coming back from after this crisis with a new ability to learn a totally new instrument? Instead of hanging 24/7 in front of the television or your smartphone, you could exercise yourself musically and creatively! It is scientifically proven that making music is relieving stress and it helps you to feel better and more balanced.

But what if you never played an instrument before? With which instrument you might start? Most people start to learn Piano or Guitar, or they even playing these instruments already and they are looking for new musical challenges.

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How would it be to learn the “Oud”?

 “An Oud? What is that?” – You might think right now and you probably never heard of this instrument before. However you might have heard the sound of this Oriental plucking instrument unconsciously before because it is not only represented in the Arabic, Turkish / Oriental-world, but it is also finding its own place in the whole world and in almost any musical genre you can think of.

As the Ancient form of the European lute, the old Egyptians and Babylonians were using a modified form of the current Oud instrument and this way it was making an impact on the culture of music already 3500 years ago.

But what makes this instrument so special? 

The sound of an oud is definitely unmistakable. It stands out because of the special method of construction which misses any frets on the fingerboard like you maybe know it from guitars. Frets usually differentiate the single tones from each other. Thereby the player has the ability to express a more interesting playing-style, which is making up the great recognizability of this wonderful instrument. He can variate the respective pitch of each tone by moving his finger up and down the fingerboard. Also, he is able to generate tone-nuances, characteristic for the Arabic and Turkish music-world, to play more vibrantly.

On our YouTube-channel you can find some demo videos, to listen to how great this instrument sounds and how the style of playing distinguishes itself from other sound-bodies:

For playing the Oud instrument you use the traditional “Risha”. It serves a similar purpose like the plectrum of a guitar, but it is specifically built for playing on an Oud. With the “Risha” you can generate tones most appropriately and develop your own way of playing this instrument.



Of course, every beginning is hard and you probably asking yourself, how to start to practice on an Oud properly. Therefore you find many informative videos on our YouTube-channel for the best introduction into playing the Oud. It is explained how to tune your instrument at its best and also which kinds of tuning exist for all the single strings.

Of course, we at Sala Muzik are always ready and willing to help you out and support you with information, in order to get the most out of your new play-buddy! So you can always send us your specific questions via E-Mail or writing a comment down below, and we will also create more blog posts like these to inform you more about the musical side of our instruments.

When you are interested to play such a great instrument like an Oud, and you would like to know which is best for your situation you can also contact us, so we can help you or you browse through our online-shop in order to see what we deliver for you! Every single instrument we have in our store is representing a selected beauty that will bring you enjoyment forever!

We want to help you to sweeten your time right now and using it practically. It is always good to learn a (new) instrument, but right now it is a perfect time because you can concentrate and focus yourself on your playing and by this, you can get big learning-success in much faster!

We gladly like to support you with that and we look forward to reading your comment!

Don’t waste your time, but start something right now, that will bring joy to you – your whole life!

P.S: You can choose express shipping option to get your instrument in 1-3 days



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Oud Stand

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  • Posted on by Amira

    So inspiring and motivational. Thank you for the article, I bought my Oud from Sala Muzik couple months ago, it is always a struggle to get time to practice during the weekdays but now that I am home I can use this time to finally do what I love:)

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