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Main Philippine Musical Instruments


Philippines music is a society that loves to have fun and dance. Almost all of their lives have music. While they are so interested in music, they pay the same attention to the instruments that will perform this music. The Philippines has a unique understanding and style of music. Philippine music is always at the forefront with its melodies, rhythms, and instrument preferences. There is a history in their music. When it comes to Philippine musical instruments, instruments made of metal and wood come to mind.

The Philippines has xylophone-like instruments. Bangibang, Dadabuan, Tanggunggu, Afiw, and Khon are examples of Philippine musical instruments. Each one has a different sound and function. The construction stages and usage areas of each instrument are separate from each other.

About Philippine Musical Instruments

Philippine musical instruments

The instruments are the Philippines have been influenced by many musical cultures. We can never ignore the place and culture of some instruments, no matter what. Even the sounds of those instruments take us directly to that nation. We look for traces of that society in every product they produce. It is much more possible to see these traces on musical instruments and even to feel the past. In the Philippines, bamboo is used to make musical instruments. In addition, the designs, and names of instruments found in the Philippines may vary from region to region.

What Are The Philippine Musical Instruments?

Philippine musical instruments

In the Philippines, it is quite possible to see instruments such as flat gongs, bamboo cymbals, flaps, feather-shaped percussion pipes, and brass Jewish harps. In addition to all these, boss gongs, ring flutes, log drums, xylophones, single-string violins, and hanging stringers are used in the south.


Pigskin or lizard skin is used in its construction. It is an empty drum.


Bunkaka is stuck on the palm of one hand to make different sounds. Bamboo wood is preferred in its construction.


It is an instrument played with the noses of the Apayaos Tribes in the region. It is called the nose flute.


Kolintag's length of a human's body. 6-10 threads are parallel to each other. Kolintang is known as kolintag bamboo qanun.


It is a Philippine whistle made of bamboo.


It is another qanun made of bamboo. Five threads are made from the tube, and the tube is cut open to full length and then held together by bamboo strips at both ends. As a result, the tube forms the resonating body of the instrument. They usually place a piece of the dried leaf at the top end of the tube. The function of this leaf is not fully known.


It is an instrument that contains metal strings and acts as a drum. It is possible to tune the strings according to demand.


Brass is an instrument. To play this instrument, the left end is struck with the thumb of the right hand. The mouth acts as a resonator.

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