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Main Woodwind Instruments. All About The Woodwind Family


Woodwind instruments are described wind instruments in more general terms. These instruments are called woodwind instruments because they are made of carved wood, and they pass a wind current through them to produce a sound. Woodwind instruments are so popular today. Woodwind instruments are extensively used in different genres such as traditional folk, classical and contemporary. Woodwind family is quite large. When wind instruments are named, ney, zurna, mey, clarinet, flute, dozaleh, and kaval come to mind. Each instrument has a size, design, and weight. 

All About Woodwind Family Of Instruments


Woodwind instruments are produced of wood and clay, but today most woodwind instruments are made of plastic, metal, or a combination of both. To playing woodwind instruments, it is necessary to open and close the holes along the pipe. So you can play the instrument when you blow from the other part of the instrument. Most of the time, the body of woodwind instruments is a thin piece of wood. Each instrument has its unique design and sound characteristics. Some are very clear, and some have high-pitched voices.

Woodwind instruments such as the saxophone and clarinet need a reed, and they sound impressive. There is no need for a reed mouthpiece in the flute, which is in the woodwind family. On the other hand, clarinets make a soft sound due to their long plain shape and smooth plastic lining. Another woodwind instrument is the saxophone. Brass is used for making saxophones. Thus, saxophones have a brighter sound.

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How Do Woodwind Instruments Work?

Woodwind instruments make sound thanks to the vibration of the air inside. Woodwind instruments were made of wood in ancient times. There are also made of brass, silver, nickel, and gold. The sound output of each musical instrument is different. The flute is the most influential wind instrument in the world. It has a specific size compared to other musical instruments. However, Ney is a new wind instrument. In addition, the treble (thin) or bass (thick) sound produced in wind instruments is directly proportional to the length of the pipe. The shorter the pipe, the higher the sound, and the longer the pipe, the thicker the sound. Obtaining sound from an object means creating a vibration in that object. These vibrations are the sound itself. Wind instruments consist of a hollow and cylindrical body. 

What Are The Main Woodwind Instruments?


Wind instruments, which attract prominent attention in our country as great as in the world, are used in many fields. It is possible to see them in many different areas, from orchestras to weddings, to Sufi music, to play. When it comes to wind instruments, flute, zurna, ney, mey, kaval, and clarinet come to mind.


It is an instrument with the highest octave ratio among woodwind instruments. It is used in open areas.


It is an instrument most frequently performed both in our country and in other foreign European countries. It can be produced with both metal material and plastic material.


Used for the classical tune; produces beautiful harmonies with a unique tone and resonance.

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