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  • What Are The Orchestral Instruments?

    What Are The Orchestral Instruments?
    For centuries, people have reflected their feelings, memories, and many other emotions to music and explain them through music. Orchestras are instrument ensembles formed by many instruments making music together. The existence of orchestras goes back centuries and has continued to deliver melodies that have fascinated people ever since.
  • What is Shourangiz? How to Play Shourangiz?

    What is Shourangiz? How to Play Shourangiz?
    Shourangiz is a very exotic oriental string instrument. If you’re looking for a special and different instrument to reflect your feelings through music, shourangiz might be the one. It has already been drawing musicians’ attention from all over the world who seeks an exciting adventure to discover. 
  • All About Folk Music

    All About Folk Music
    Folk music and ethnic music are interdependent concepts. For example, when the local music of other nations is listened to in a region, we can say that it is ethnic for this music because of the local characteristics. However, for the people of that region, their own music is not ethnic but folk music. With this judgment, the music of other peoples can be...
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