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  • Difference Between Egyptian Oud And The Others

    Difference Between Egyptian Oud And The Others
    Music is an element that people cannot give up since ancient times. There are many types of music and this instrument. The geography and values ​​of the society have a high influence based on the emergence of music genres. The emerging music genre necessarily contains traces of the culture in which it emerged. A melody or a timbre we hear creates something in our...
  • What Is Clay Darbuka? What Is The Difference

    What Is Clay Darbuka? What Is The Difference
    In the period before Christ, there were instruments similar to today's darbuka. These instruments, in various shapes and sizes, were widely used in Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Central Asian civilizations. As time progressed, the existing instruments were developed by evaluating the possibilities of the time and continued to be used. The darbuka has emerged as an instrument that people played for fun and spending time...
  • All About Azerbaijan Dayereh

    All About Azerbaijan Dayereh
    Music is an indispensable part of the human soul. Music nourishes the soul and gives energy to people. There is a lot of music that can accompany us when we are happy or sad. Using the facilities available in ancient times, people produced different instruments from trees, animal skins, and sticks. Each musical instrument carries traces of the culture of the nation in which...
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