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4 Tips for Choosing a Gig Bag


4 tips for choosing a gig bag

Musical instruments are fascinating yet fragile items. If you own a one, you need certain items that will help you keep your instrument out of harm’s way. Gig bag is a one of the items that you can rely on to protect your instruments. A gig bag provides your musical instruments with maximum levels of protection. In this article, we are going to introduce you to gig bags and give you some tips about how to choose a gig bag.  

What is Gig Bag?

A product of dozen hours of hard work and craftsmanship, Gig Bag is the perfect companion for your musical instrument.  It has a thick sponge inside which shields your instrument perfectly. A gig bag keeps your instrument safe as possible while being so easy to carry. Its intelligent design allows gig bag to protect your instrument without any extra weight.


oud gig bag


The highest quality materials are used in the production process of gig bags. So, they do not need constant care and attention themselves, they can protect your instruments any time of the day. That’s why a gig bag is very reliable and resistant.

A gig bag is also waterproof, which is also very important in terms of protecting your musical instruments. Any liquid damage can cause so much detrimental effects. With Gig Bags you will not need to worry about carrying your instruments in any weather.

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4 Tips for Choosing a Gig Bag


tombak gig bag

If you have made up your mind about getting a gig bag but can not choose, do not worry, here are 4 tips to ease your process of choosing a gig bag.

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1.      Pay Attention to Your Gig Bag’s Brand

A gig bag of a quality brand is more than enough for the safety of your musical instruments. They will definitely not let you down. However, if you do not pay attention to which brand your gig bag is going to be, you might face some trouble in the future. The reason for that is a quality gig bag is an almost perfect mix of comfort and safety therefore it is not very easy to produce. So, you need get a quality gig bag from a well-known brand like Sala to ensure the maximum safety.

2.      Get the Right Bag for The Right Instrument

Another thing you need pay attention to is getting the right gig bag for your instrument. Obviously, there are dozens of different type of different gig bags for a variety of instruments. So, the looks might be deceiving when it comes to choosing a gig bag. Make sure you buy the right gig bag for yourself.


daf gig bag


3.      Be aware of the Difference Between Certain Gig Bags

There are almost as much as gig bag types as there are musical instruments. For example, if you want to buy a gig bag for your guitar, you can not just straight up buy any gig bag for guitars. You need to pay attention to other details such as size of your guitar. So, you do not end up with an oversized or undersized gig bag.

4.      Match Your Gig Bag with your Style

Even though their first and foremost objective is protecting your instruments, Gig bags definitely look stylish. So, consider your own style before getting a gig bag. Then you can easily decide on which type of gig bag will match with your style most!

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