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Tips For Purchasing An Electric Saz



Tips For Purchasing An Electric Saz

Baglama or in other words Saz, is a traditional Turkish instrument originally played by minstrels and is used to express both joyful and sad emotions by the Turkish folk throughout the history. Although the looks of a classic Saz and an Electric Saz are fairly similar to each other a Baglama and an Electric Saz are two different instruments. Originally, an Electric Baglama is produced by attaching a microphone-like electric device onto the acoustic instrument. Later on, Erkin Koray and Orhan Gencebay, two well-known Turkish singers and instrument players, advanced this instrument and gave it its final shape, giving them the inventor title of the instrument in the 1960s. Although the history of an Electric Saz is fairly new compared to a classic saz, it is loved by many instrument players and listeners in Turkey. Thanks to its energetic sound and versatility, it is widely played at Turkish weddings.


Which one should I pick? The Classic or the Electric?

Widely inspired by the traditional  Turkish instrument Baglama and the Electric Guitar, Electric Baglama is an instrument which is originated from both of these two classic instruments and the technology lying behind them. Basically, Electric Baglama is the modified version of a Classic Baglama. An Electric Saz has three main parts similar to a Classic Baglama; the bowl, the sounding board and the neck. Size of the body and the length of the neck might be the similarities between the two instruments. However, the number and the material of the strings are different, considering that it transforms physical vibrations into electric signals to generate sounds.



What makes an Electric Saz different than a Classic Saz is its technical side. There are two sets of pick ups on an Electric Saz, one on the body, one closer to the neck. These magnetics turn the acoustic sound of a Baglama into somewhat of an electronic sound. You can switch between these magnetics with the switches located on the lower part of the body. There are also pots, similar to an Electric Guitar that you can adjust the tone with and turn the power up and down. Given that, it is also available with a footswitch, an electric saz can generate a lot of different tones when played with different playing techniques.


What determines the quality of an Electric Saz?

Material used in the making of an Slectric Saz vary as it does in a Classic Baglama and plays a crucial role for the quality. Different types of tree trunks give the instrument various sounds and quality levels. Maple, Walnut and Juniper are commonly used in the making of an Electric Saz.

Electric saz is usually played with a flexible pick also called as “mızrap” similar to a Guitar pick. Depending on the players taste or playing technique, it can also played with fingerprints or fingernails.

Even if you have recently chosen to learn to play this instrument or are a determined player who wants to master the craft of playing an electronic saz, you can find the right Electric Saz in our wide range for your taste and technique. We provide you with handmade Electric Baglamas of fine workmanship and all that you need for you to enhance your technique and get the unique experience of playing an instrument.




  • Posted on by Ben

    How is that tuned?

  • Posted on by Veysel Sala

    You can play with AMP. it has a jack.

  • Posted on by Drew

    I’m having a hard time finding this answer, do some classic Saz like the Asl-202 plug into an amp? Is the pikcup built in?


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