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What Is An Electric Bouzouki? What Is The Difference From Normal?


Bouzouki fascinates the listeners with its unique melody for years. The bouzouki instrument comes from the same family as baglama, kopuz and oud. When we look at the music culture, we see that the bouzouki is an effective musical instrument in the Rebetika music culture. You can come across bouzouki not only in Greek folklore but also in Irish folklore.


What Is Bouzouki?


It is one of the long-necked musical instruments of Greece. If we examine the bouzouki, the round body and three or four double rows of metal strings on the fretted fingerboard are the first to catch the eye. The front part of the body is usually decorated with mother-of-pearl inlays and is played using plectrums. There are two main types of bouzouki. These are three pairs of strings in the trichordo and four pairs of strings in the tetrachordo. It is known that bouzouki was brought to Greece by Greek immigrants from Anatolia in the early 1900s. While learning and playing the bouzouki, the most important thing is to get the bouzouki-specific sound. The grip of the plectrum and the position of the wrist play a major role in the production of the desired sound. According to many professional bouzouki players, the brand, quality, and frequent replacement of strings are important factors that affect the bouzouki sound.


What Is Electric Bouzouki?


The feel and timbre of the electric bouzouki can be considered biased. But when it comes to feeling and timbre, it offers almost the same characteristics as the traditional bouzouki. One of the most exciting points of the electric bouzouki is the audio jack output. Just plugin and play and control the volume and tone levels directly from the control panel. This feature makes an electric bouzouki the perfect instrument for the concert musician while offering great performance potential.


Benefits Of Electric Bouzouki


        When it comes to music, the benefits are endless. The electric bouzouki is an ideal instrument for those who want to practice and play music for fun. Due to the beauty of its timbre, it continues to be the choice of musicians in many concerts, dances, and entertainment. The benefits of the electric bouzouki do not just end there. Sometimes there may be hum or distortion in the sound at large volumes, but you will not experience it thanks to the quality of the electric bouzouki. This quality electric bouzouki is an excellent instrument for concert, practice, and studio recordings.


Although the history of bouzouki is not very old, it was recognized and loved by many people in a short time. Bouzouki, where you can feel the Greek breeze while listening and playing, is perfect for listening to cultural melodies. The bouzouki's resemblance to the mandolin is striking, but it's a mix of guitar and baglama. Therefore, it is known that it is not a very balanced instrument. You can contact us to find the best quality and best features bouzouki for you. 


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