What is Bouzouki? How to Play Bouzouki? – Sala Muzik

What is Bouzouki? How to Play Bouzouki?

What is Bouzouki? How to Play Bouzouki?

What is Bouzouki?

Bouzouki is one of Greece's long-necked musical instruments. Bouzouki is similar to mandoline in most respects. Bouzouki has a round and wooden body, and its metal strings are located in three or four pairs of courses on the fretter fingerboard. A musician playing Bouzouki presses the wires on the fingerboard with the fingers of his left hand. The musician has a plectrum in his right hand, which touches the wires above the soundhole with the plectrum. Bouzouki has been a very nice musical instrument with shimmering sound, which people have enjoyed listening to for dancing and entertainment in events for a very long time and which musicians also prefer.

What is Bouzouki?

Types of Bouzouki Instruments

There are two types of Bouzouki. The speaker box of the first of these is smaller than the second. The first type of Bouzouki has a small neck and has three-line double metallic string tuned D-A-D. The speaker box of the second type is larger and the neck is wider. The second type has 4 double metallic strings and is tuned in the form of D-A-F-C.

We knew Bouzouki with four pairs of strings in the 1950s. The three courses Bouzouki, pose a challenge for musicians who will play Rebetica songs. Four strings, on the other hand, became a whole new dimension and a whole new level for Bouzouki.

Types of Bouzouki Instruments

History of Bouzouki

Bouzouki was a "pandourion" in ancient Greece, and even because he had three courses, the name given to him by the player was "trichordo". Bouzouki became a pioneer in lutes families globally and was the first fretted musical instrument anyone knew about. Did you know that in ancient times, the player played Bouzouki sitting on a rock? People called Bouzouki a tef during the Byzantine period. In fact, the modern Turkish tanbur and the ancient Greek Bouzouki are almost the same.

How to play Bouzouki?

In ancient times, Bouzouki was stolen with a feather or a piece of rent tree wood. This is an incredibly clever way to make amazing songs with Bouzouki's captivating voice!

 How to Play Bouzouki

We have to admit that with proper work you can learn to play a musical instrument flawlessly and improve yourself. But to play Bouzouki and impress those who listen to it, you must make your most visceral feelings and thoughts and souls talk to the instrument. There's a big difference between playing Bouzouki flawlessly and stealing your soul by including it. If you don't let Bouzouki mirror your soul and you can't form a connection, we fear bouzouki is not the right instrument for you.

If you want to be a good Bouzouki player, you must exceed the speed limit when playing other instruments to reveal pure notes. Reaching this level can take years and you may need to practice more than you can count during the day. Get ready for plenty of practice if you don't want your hand skills to be dulled. We hope you reach your goal with ease!

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