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What Is Electric Saz? How To Play It?


Saz is a stringed instrument. Its well-known name is bağlama. It is used in Turkish folk music. Another type that has become popular today is the electric saz. In the 1960s, it became more popular with the works of famous names such as Orhan Gencebay and Erkin Koray.

Electric saz creates a rhythm as a consequence of the vibrations formed in the strings of the saz by converting the current form with the help of an amplifier into sound thanks to the sound magnetics. The most important feature of the electric saz is that its tones can be changed.

Today, in Turkish folk music, it is possible to come across a lot of folk songs. Playing an electric saz is not difficult at all. The important thing is to study for a certain period and be interested.

What Is Electric Saz?


If we consider the electric saz visually, it is no different from the normal saz. It has a pear-shaped body. The boat consists of three parts, the chest, and the handle. Mulberry, pine, and spruce trees are generally used in the construction of saz. If you want to buy a quality saz, pay attention to this detail. The electric saz is produced in two ways as long and short neck. The short-necked saz has 19 frets, and the long-necked saz has 23 frets.

There are three different types of strings in the saz. The strings in the lower part are tuned with the note re, the middle strings, which are the second part, with the left note, and finally, the third group strings, which are the upper part, are tuned with the note la.

 Electric saz has certain characteristics. Electric saz contains devices such as les and equalizers in the boat part. Les device changes the signals of the sound and converts the sound from a normal saz into an electric saz sound. The equalizer device is used to change the bass and treble characteristics of the sound.

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What Is The Difference Between Saz And Electric Saz?


There is not much difference between saz and electric saz but appearance, but there are differences in sound. While there is only one tone in saz, the situation is slightly different in electric saz. Thanks to today's technology, there are two kinds of devices that have been created for us to play with the tones of the electric saz.

These devices are called Les and equalizers. Thanks to these devices attached to the electric saz, you can create each treble and bass sound at the sound output. Another difference between the electric instrument from the traditional instrument is that it is equipped with guitar pickups.

How To Play Electric Saz?


First of all, the most significant point of playing a musical instrument is the individual's willingness. It is impossible to achieve success while doing something, that you are not interested in and do not want. For this reason, you should first question whether you are willing or not. If you are determined, it will be much easier.

You can go to a course to play electric saz also you can improve yourself by using different resources. Saz notes are placed in various places on short and long-necked saz. It is possible to play a folk song or song with several notes on long and short-necked saz. You can start by learning the notes first. The next stage will be the grip of the saz. 

The saz fingerboard should be at left shoulder level. By applying very light pressure to the body with your right arm, it is necessary to carry the binding without the need for the left hand. If you put the weight of the sagging on your left hand, you will not be move comfortably, and you will be very successful.

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