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What Is Electro Oud? How To Play Electro Oud?



This instrument, whose real name is El-oud, was read as “Ud” by the Turks. They took them by knowing them with the Europeans and the Crusades and gave names such as lute, liouto, alaud, luit. Contrary to common knowledge, oud is not an arabic instrument. Because, in the 7th century, Arabs saw this in Turks working in Khorasan and took it to their country. It is originally a Turkish instrument and has almost no difference with "Kopuz". After this process, it spread all over the world.


Structure of the Oud

Considering the structure of the oud, it consists of 5 different sections in addition to the chest and body. It is produced using trees such as apricot, hornbeam, walnut and plum in the body part. It has six pairs of wires and is produced using three pairs of steel, three pairs of fishing lines. All these materials also cause changes in terms of oud prices and models.


What are the types and features of Oud?

The most important feature that distinguishes Oud from other instruments is that it has short stems and large bellies. So, it is actually an elegant instrument, although empty.

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In terms of shape, it is more difficult to be separated from other instruments and to be stolen when the body structure and portability are evaluated. But it is also called a very important and great art with the effect it creates and the sound it produces. Oud prices and models are divided into structure, shape. It is produced in different types according to the use of women and the use of men. Also if we talk about the features of oud:


  • Spruce baked cover
  • Mahogany handle
  • Spruce baked handle
  • The keyboard is ebony or rosewood
  • Top sill ebony or rosewood
  • Painted black hornbeam bridge
  • The top of the handle, that is, the keyboard width is 4 cm
  • Under-handle keyboard width 6 cm
  • Handle length 19.5 cm
  • Body length 49,5 cm
  • Body depth 18 cm
  • Body width 37 cm
  • Between the two thresholds 58.5 cm
  • Number of wires 11
  • Number of body slices 21
  • Polished
  • Ebony or rosewood twirl
  • Can be a case or plectrum accessory


How to play electric oud?

Oud trainings are always started with the oud hold at the beginning. The first step to playing the oud right is to keep it right. It is usually played by sitting, and the correct grip will also provide an upright posture. If it is caught the right angle, it will be easier to play.

The control of the curtain after the stance and the angle of the fingers that will press the notes are the factors that will make playing very easy and correct playing at the place where it stops. The thumb should be behind the right side and support all the other fingers. So the other fingers do not contract too much and you can move them comfortably. The wires should be pressed firmly. So the sound is full. At the point where the plunger will be shot, the middle parts of the strings should be reached. so much more can be benefited from acoustics.

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Practice for using plectrums should be done at the beginning of the oud playing training.

Each of the exercises will ensure correct sound without being stuck during playback. The more accurate these exercises are, the better. If it is done sloppy and irregular, oud can be an instrument that will come out completely from your life.


Playing the oud with chord, learning the sounds well, learning the sounds is important for learning this fretless instrument correctly. Otherwise, the printed sound will be perceived differently and the sounds will be mixed. If correct progress is made, your education will be successful.

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