Why Musical Instrument Maintenance is Important


Musicians passionately love their instruments. Doesn’t matter if professional or amateur, every musician thinks their instruments as if a limb of their own.  Sometimes they can cost a lifetime worth of savings, and sometimes even though they are not that really expensive, it could give the music lovers a hard time to purchase that musical instrument. That’s why once you have that musical instrument you’ve been dreaming of it becomes a treasure in your eyes; no matter the price.

So how should one maintain this precious treasure? It’s not always easy to replace an instrument when it’s broken, not just because the money; musicians tend to use the same instrument when they get accustomed it. It’s possible to use the same instrument for a life time with a proper maintenance. Here are some important points to know about instrument maintenance.

First Things First: Keep It out of Harm’s Way


Every instrument needs maintenance time to time even if they are well taken care of. But it’s important to protect them in the first place. Every instrument has their own kind of case. When it is not played, it should be placed in that case. This case must be made of a good material so it can protect instrument from some of the hazardous things like sunlight, minor impacts and moisture. Even if it is in the case, never put anything on top of an instrument.

Weather changes can be very harmful to an instrument; so it’s important not to leave them in extreme temperatures. Also, an instrument should never be left unattended, not even in your own car. When your instrument is being brought inside from colder temperatures, allow it to warm up to room temperature before playing. After you’re done with your instrument, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe it gently.

Also keep in mind that each kind of instrument requires different kind of maintenance besides these general rules.

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String Instrument Maintenance


To not to harm the strings or neck always set your instrument down string-side-up, even when in the case. Never use any polish or cleaner for your instrument maintenance, except for the ones you can buy from music stores. It’s important to use an instrument polish every two to four weeks and replace your strings every 12 months. If you have no knowledge about replacing strings, seek help from a teacher or a music store.

Wind Instrument Maintenance


When it comes to wind instruments, whether wood, brass or other materials, they should be held gently at all times. Also carefully assemble your instrument so the keys won’t bend. Immediately prior to playing your instrument, avoid eating, drinking sugary liquids or chewing gum. Since the internal moisture can damage it, before storing your instrument always pull a clean, dry swab through your instrument.

You should always take care your instrument for its durability, so you can use it for a long time. Instrument maintenance is also important to keep good sound quality. One last important point: Never attempt to repair your instrument at home. If it needs to be repaired or you need advice for your instrument maintenance, always consult a music store.

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