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Stand For Daf Drum KOS-210
Persian Daf Stand KOS-210 A new amazing stand Turn this stand into an instrument with your Daf (Please watch the video) Wooden Portable Fits for all size Persian Dafs Width of your drum must be maximum 5,5 cm  (2,17 inches) Width...
$50.00 $29.90
Solo Darbuka Hard Case UHD-202
Darbuka Half Hard Case UHD-202 Darbuka head is very sensitive and thin, if a small pointed thing touches it, it can crack the head and make it unusable. You can choose this hard case to protect Darbuka's head from the slightest bumps. Made...
$100.00 $79.90
Daf Hard Case UHE-202
Persian Daf Half Hard Case UHE-202 Daf head is very sensitive and thin, if a small pointed thing touches it, it can crack the leather and make it unusable. You can choose this hard case to protect Daf's head from the slightest bumps....
$150.00 $79.90
Portable Flat Darbuka Doumbek FLT-302
Portable Flat Darbuka FLT-302 The head is in standard darbuka sizes Portable Cast aluminum shell: crafted with a hand-engraved aluminum shell, the drum supplies deep low notes as well as ringing highs Tunable synthetic head: a tunable and replaceable synthetic...
$129.00 $79.90
Pickup For Cumbus And Sazbus KCM-302
Pickup For Cumbus, Sazbus, and Bowed Tanbur Encased in lightweight tonewood, the  KCM-302 sensor installs easily on the side of the bridge. This unique way of capturing sound delivers a natural amplified tone from your instrument. No modification to the bridge or...
$100.00 $79.99
Professional Arabic Ney HAP-203
Professional Arabic Ney HAP-203 Professional Quality Handmade Made by thick Reed Hand Carved mouthpiece  D Key (Dokah)
$150.00 from $99.00
Oud Stand KOS-204
$149.00 $99.00
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204 When the oud stays in the bag, it does not get air, which will damage the instrument. You can keep your instrument on this stand and allow it to breathe. Wooden Portable Foldable The belt for securing...
$149.00 $99.00
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Half Hard Case HOC-404 Oud’s face is very thin, if a small pointed thing touches the face, it can crack the face. In addition, when the oud falls slightly, the bowl, face or other parts of it can be...
$149.00 $99.90
Professional Daf By Afshari AD-304
Professional Persian Daf / AD-304 Diameter: 54 cm (21.25 inches) Weight: 0.75 kg (0.70 ~ 0.80 kg)  Width: 5 cm ( 2 inches ) Head: Synthetic, Specially designed for a natural Iranian daf sound Maker Afshari It comes with Soft...
$149.00 $99.90
Professional Daf By Habibi HD-303
Persian Daf / HD-303 Diameter: 54 cm  Weight: 0.80 kg (0.78 ~ 0.82 kg) Width: 5 Head: Synthetic  Made by: M. Habibi Model : Elite It comes with Soft Case
$159.00 $129.00
Professional Tunable Bendir FTB-404
Professional Tunable Bendir FTB-404 Handmade and a perfect workmanship Specially designed for a natural deep bendir sound Internal tuning system, easily change the sound and tension of the drum Synthetic Fiber Head; The instrument is not affected by air and humidity changes...
$180.00 $139.00
Pretuned Professional Daf By Pano Percussion DAF-5
Pretuned Professional Persian Daf / DAF-5  Leather: Synthetic leather is used. In order to catch the natural leather tone that all musicians seek, a very specially produced leather has been chosen.A specially designed leather for natural leather lookLightness: The materials...
$249.00 $179.90
Turkish Long Neck Baglama Saz ASL-202
QUALITY TURKISH LONG NECK WALNUT BAGLAMA SAZ Made of all solid wood Has a jack to connect AMPMaterials of Long Neck Baglama: Solid Walnut Bowl Solid Spruce Face Solid Mahogany Neck The solid wooden pegs work well and are easy...
$299.00 $249.00
Adjustable Stand For Santoor DSS-4
Adjustable Stand For Santoor DSS-4   Adjustable Very Easy Installation Portable You can easily adjust the tilt of the table surface Not making noises while playing Fits all 9 bridges Santoors. It does not fit for 12 bridges santoors. Soft...
$300.00 $249.00
Solo Darbuka DED-504
$299.00 $249.00
Solo Darbuka DED-504
Solo Darbuka DED-504 Hand Made Has an outstanding sound quality The durable synthetic head easily and quickly changes range from deep, resonant "doum" lows to snapping, ringing highs that both fully project Has a truly authentic sound that is native...
$299.00 $249.00
Professional Ultra Light Riq Pro Light 3
Professional Ultra Light Riq - Pro Light 3 One of the lightest Riqs in the world Tunable Easily changeable Head Diameter: 22cm X 6cm Wood: Walnut Cymbals: Alpaca Weight 750 gram It comes with a Soft case, Allen key
$349.00 $299.00
Professional Turkish Davul SD-303
Professional Turkish Davul SD-303 Skin: One Side Goat Skin, One Side Plastic Wood: Walnut Skin Diameter: 50 cm Height: 38 cm it comes with soft case, Sticks, Strap
$399.00 $349.00
Turkish Mahogany Oud AO-101M
TURKISH QUALITY MAHOGANY OUD / AO-101M BESTSELLER And HANDMADE Comfortable To play And Deep Sound For better tuning used ebony pegs Sizes: Bridge To Nut: 58,5 cm Bowl 48cm Width 37cm Materials: Mahogany Bowl Spruce Face Ebony Pegs It comes...
$449.00 $399.00
High Quality Kamanche By Joodaki MHK-303
High-Quality Persian Kamanche Bowl Wood: Mulberry Neck Wood: Walnut ( Specially designed a very comfortable neck) Pegs: Walnut Maker: Joodaki (One Of the best Kamanche maker in Iran). The diameter of the bowl opening: 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) Weight: 0.975...
$599.00 from $399.00
High Quality Kamancheh By Ramin RK-305
Quality Persian Kamancheh RK-305 Bowl Wood: Mulberry  Neck Wood: Walnut Pegs: Walnut Maker: Ramin Diameter of bowl: 11.5 cm (4.5 inch) It comes with Soft Case, Bow, Extra strings and Rosin
$500.00 $399.00
Professional Darbuka SED-423
Professional Sombaty Darbuka Maker: Sala Cast Aluminum Body, Electrostatic Finish Skin Diameter: 23 cm Diameter: 29 cm Height: 47 cm Skin Type: Synthetic Weight: 5,4 kg
$500.00 $399.00
Professional Clay Solo Darbuka SCD-301
Professional Clay Solo Darbuka SCD-301 Skin Diameter 23 Diameter: 30 cm Height: 45 cm Skin Type: Goat Tuning apparatus used for the specific lamp included It comes with High Quality Gig bag case
$540.00 $449.00
Professional Setar By Fofel FS-304
 Professional Persian Setar FS-304 Materials of Iranian Setar: Face: Mulberry Bowl: Walnut Neck: Walnut Pegs: Walnut Maker: Fofel Iranian Setar comes with; Soft Case Extra Strings Iranian Setar is exactly the same as on the pictures  Setar is an Iranian musical instrument with an interesting...
$699.00 $499.00
High Quality Santoor MAS-309
High Quality Persian Santoor / MAS-309 Maker: Hamid Mousavi (One of the best santoor maker in Iran) Tuning: SOL (G) Tuning Walnut Wood Bronze and brass strings Walnut bridges Comes with: Hard case  Extra Strings Two hammers  Tuning wrench    ...
$699.00 $599.00
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