Professional Pipe Reed For Turkish Zurna AZB-404 - Sala Muzik
Professional Pipe Reed For Turkish Zurna AZB-404 - Sala Muzik
Professional Pipe Reed For Turkish Zurna AZB-404 - Sala Muzik

Professional Pipe Reed For Turkish Zurna AZB-404

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Professional Pipe Reed For Turkish Zurna AZB-404

Pipe Reed for Turkish Zurna

A professional reed pipe is an organ pipe that is sounded by a vibrating brass strip known as a reed. Air under pressure (referred to as wind) is directed towards the reed, which vibrates at a specific pitch. This is in contrast to flue pipes, which contain no moving parts and produce sound solely through the vibration of air molecules. Reed pipes are common components of pipe organs.

A Professional pipe reed for Turkish zurna comprises a metal tongue (the reed) which rests against a shallot, in which is carved a tunnel. The reed and shallot are held in place by a wooden wedge. This assembly protrudes from the underside of the block and hangs down into the boot. A tuning wire is inserted through the boot and is bent to hold the reed against the shallot. The wire is moved up or down using a tuning knife in order to change the length of the tongue that is permitted to vibrate, thereby changing the pitch produced by the pipe.

Pipe Reed for Turkish Zurna

Pipe Reed for Turkish Zurna is a widely used instrument in Turkey as well as in West and Central Asia, South-Eastern Europe, and North Africa under very similar names like sorna, surnay, zurla, etc. It is a double-reed woodwind instrument that has a very bright, high-frequency sound; it is almost inseparable from davul (Turkish bass drum) and it is thought that they constitute a good ensemble for traditional weddings. It is constructed from one piece of wood, had one thumb-hole, and up to eight finger-holes. The player blows into the double-reed mouthpiece which is inserted into the mouth and uses circular breathing to make the melody continuous. 

This one is for LA Zurna.
Different Sizes Pipes Available 
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Pipe Reed for Turkish Zurna

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