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Fretless Classical Guitar DGP-203
Fretless Classical Guitar DGP-203 Materials:Face: SpruceBack: MahoganySides: MahoganyFingerboad: EbonyNeck: Honduran Mahogany Bridge: Rosewood Sizes: Bridge To Nut : 65 cmBody Length: 48 cmBody Depth: 10 cm It comes with;Soft CasePicksStrings
$1,500.00 $999.00
Stick For Turkish Davul MDS-202
Stick For Turkish Davul MDS-202 1 Piece wooden stick 1 Piece Plastic stick  Total Length : 40 cm
$40.00 $29.90
Special Turkish Oud By Mustafa Copcuoglu MCO-405
Special Turkish Oud By Mustafa Copcuoglu MCO-405 This is a Special Oud made by a Special Luthier Mustafa Copcuoglu. Mustafa Copcuoglu is one of the best Oud maker in the world. Measurements:  Bridge To Nut: 58,5 cm Bowl 48cm Width 37cm Materials: ...
Portable Kanun Stand CSK-204
Kanun Stand CSK-204  When the Kanun stays in the bag, it does not get air, which will damage the instrument. You can keep your instrument on this stand and allow it to breathe. Foldable Portable Fits for all size Kanuns  
$199.00 $99.00
Professional Clay Solo Darbuka SCD-301
Professional Clay Solo Darbuka SCD-301 Skin Diameter 23 Diameter: 30 cm Height: 45 cm Skin Type: Goat Tuning apparatus used for the specific lamp included It comes with High Quality Gig bag case
$540.00 $449.00
Professional Azeri Kamancha MAK-4
Professional Azeri Kamancha MAK-4    Materials;  Bowl Pumpkin Mechanic Pegs Walnut Neck Ebony Fingerboard    It comes with: Soft Case Bow Extra Strings  Rosin   
$1,000.00 $699.00
Special Azeri Kamancha AZK-8
Special Azeri Kamancha AZK-8 Materials; Oak Wood Bowl  Rosewood  Pegs Sapele Neck Ebony Fingerboard Fish Skin Bridge to nut: 30,8 CM It comes with:  Horse Hair Bow Extra Strings Rosin  Soft Case Azeri Kamancha Kamancha is also a spike fiddle of Azerbaijan. It...
Tonbak By Golshan GTZ-205
  Tonbak By Golshan GTZ-205 Maker: Helmi  Body Wood: Ash Head: Camel skin Diameter:  27 cm Weight:     3.5 kg  
$299.00 $249.00
Left Handed Turkish Rebab MRU-302L
 Left Handed Turkish Rebab MRU-302L Materials: Bowl: Coconut Pegs: Walnut Bridge: Bone Nuts: Bone Fingerboard: Walnut Neck: Walnut It comes with soft case and bow It is exactly the same as on video and pictures
$1,000.00 $799.00
Small Size Tar SST-034
Small Size Persian Tar SST-034 Size: 3/4 Maker: Shokohmand Body: Mulberry Neck: Mulberry Fingerboard: Bone Pegs: Walnut  Important Note: This is a 3/4 size Tar. It is not a full size Tar It comes with: Hard case  Mezrab (Pick)  Extra...

Bestseller Oud Case

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