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What Is Difference Between Darbuka And Doumbek?


What Is Difference Between Darbuka And Doumbek


Doumbek is a percussion musical instrument, similar to the darbuka, in terms of appearance and sound. Although they are more similar, they are not the same musical instrument. Doumbek is a slightly older instrument. Doumbek drum started to be used in the Balkans and the Middle East in the Middle Ages. Darbuka playing is a bit easier and more rhythmic than the knuckle, making it a must-have musical instrument of the Middle East.

What is doumbek?

Doumbek is an old instrument that attracts the attention of people who are especially interested in music and musical instruments. Doumbek was first used in the Middle East and the Balkans, and then began to spread worldwide. The role of the Ottoman Empire was important in the spread of this instrument. In the Ottoman era, the doumbek was played with love. As the Ottoman Empire continued to rule in most countries of the world, this musical instrument began to spread. Its tone is thinner than ringing. Music lovers understand the difference from darbuka.

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What is darbuka?

It is the most used type in the world among percussion instruments. Turkey is also possible that you can see in any organization. It is more popular than the doumbek drum. Except Turkey; It is also widely used in neighboring countries such as Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

In Eastern music, darbuka is used in two different ways. The first one appears as the Arab darbuka and the second as the Turkish darbuka. The frame and screw locations that stretch the leather are open in the Turkish darbuka, and the edge folds are hard. In the more expensive Arab darbuka, the frame is more rounded, so fingers sting less when playing.




Throughout history, there are many kinds of music unique to this percussion instrument. It is possible to see the types with high rhythm level, which are mostly defined as mobile. Music types that are arabesque style and slow style are less used. The body of darbuka can be made of iron, copper, earth. As leather, animal skin or plastic is used. It is not easy to find them in animal skin-soil handicrafts in musical instrument shops. The beat rhythms of the darbuka, which are more common among the general public, consist of dum and tek sounds.

If you want to make a good darbuka sound, you can hit different points. You can create a grum sound on the skinned lines around it, while the interior of the bump serves more kick sound. When you create them in a tempo, you can create sub-rhythm from a single darbuka.


play darbuka


Flute, ney, fretless guitars can be used among the musical instruments that can be used with coup. Because the melody mostly appeals to the east side, the monotonic sounds (beat) you will create may be prone to this.

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Darbuka vs Doumbek

They are similar in the beginning, as both are percussion instruments. It would not be wrong to say that darbuka and the doumbek came from a similar line. While darbuka creates more bold sound effects, while playing doumbek drum, the opposite occurs a higher pitched or subtle sound. This may be your first priority in distinguishing the differences. Darbuka and doumbek may be the same size among themselves, but in general darbuka may be longer than doumbek. Thanks to its length, you can make it come into contact with the floor and get better rhythms while sitting.

In addition, Darbuka is slightly heavier. Therefore, care should be taken in handling it by hand. Since the dumbek can be carried with your hand more comfortably, the musicians who use it can lift it with their hands while playing the doumbek. The number of timbres in the boom is higher than the darbuka. The number of timbres you can remove from anywhere can be 5 and above. In darbuka, there is more emphasis on less timbre. You can immediately realize that the darbuka is played in a music. Less different types of music equipment are used in the doumbek. If you are going to get solo style music, it is possible to do this by using a doumbek.


darbuka vs doumbek


They appeal to different kinds of music in the same origin. While the doumbek is considered a percussion instrument, there is no need for any analogy with darbuka. It is normal to feel like you are listening to a soothing music while playing the doumbek drum. In calmer music, it acts as a role model behind. Darbuka, on the other hand, can be seen in a higher musical tempo.

There is another subtle difference between the doumbek solo and the darbuka solo. Darbuka can be played using many instruments while doumbek is playing with the clarinet mostly. While doumbek is not very suitable for Arabic music style, darbuka is very suitable for this. It is not difficult to distinguish between instruments in melodies. They do not contain a complex structure.


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